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I was adopted as a baby and grew up in Beverly, Massachusetts.  In 2004 I searched for and found my biological mother. I have three sisters and one brother between my two families.  I grew up the middle child but was the first-born to my biological mother, which makes me the oldest child on her side of the family.  At the age of 21 I moved to Colorado where I set out to achieve my goal of becoming a published author.  20 years later I continue pursuing my dream of being traditionally published.   I have been writing for over twenty years, including poetry.  I am an avid photographer as well.  A long-hidden passion of mine is acting, and being an actress was a childhood aspiration, as was competing in Hunterseat Equitation. Neither of these dreams ever came true but they are still a part of my dreams and my life.  Over the years I have taken acting classes, theatre classes, and whenever I get the money I take a day-ride on horseback. 

 My achievements:  I have a poet of merit award.  I am self-taught in ASL, computers, trouble-shooting; horseback riding, rollerskating. I am a DIYr and often take on "assembly required" projects.  I have worked in many fields, including driving busses, working in hardware stores, cleaning homes/hotels, and chocolate making. I currently work in a used book store and my local library, but I aspire to open my own soy/dairy free chocolate company.  Aside from writing books and poetry, I enjoy taking photos and watching TV, and of course, making chocolates.  I have a working name for my company called Rocky Mountain Confections.

On to my books: The themes of my books deal with friendship and family situations and range from learning to make friends, to being part of a family.  The Friendship series begins with Colin Masterson, an eleven-year old boy who befriends Billy Tucker, the class bully.  The two boys eventually become brothers and together with their friend Janet Mitchell, the three friends work through problems while growing up and learning from their own mistakes.  My picture books are fun and friendly and great for helping young readers learn to read.  None of my books contain profanity, although the young-adult books become older as the characters grow up.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about me and my books.  Thanks for visiting and come back again.

 Cassyashton Porter


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